Amber Renee Guyger Arrested For Killing 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean

Dallas Police Officer Amber Renee Guyger arrested and charged with manslaughter after killing 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean

  • Guyger was taken into custody on manslaughter charges on Sunday

  • Her $300,000 bail was posted on Sunday evening

  • A judge denied a prior manslaughter warrant saying the charge should be murder

After days of public outcry for an off-duty Dallas police officer who shot and killed 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean to be held accountable, on Sunday 30-year-old Amber Renee Guyger was finally arrested.

Kaufman County Jail booking showed Guyger was charged with manslaughter on Sunday. Guyger had a $300,000 bail, which was posted on Sunday evening.

On Friday, the Dallas Police Department requested an arrest warrant for manslaughter. A judge denied the request after stating the situation sounded like murder.

DPD asked the Texas Rangers to take over the investigation. The Texas Rangers then canceled the warrant request to wait to conduct an investigation of the shooting.

On Thursday, after working a twelve-hour shift, Guyger claims she mistakenly entered Jean’s apartment thinking it was her apartment. Once inside, Guyger believed Jean was an intruder and shot him one time. Jean was taken to the hospital where he died.

In the days leading up to the arrest of Guyger, social media became a hub for rumors about the shooting. At least one woman was wrongfully named as the officer and an image from Jean’s Instagram was also wrongfully believed to show Guyger.

Rumors spread that Guyger and Jean dated, but the family’s attorney Lee Merritt said there is no evidence that is the case at this time. Neighbors claimed to have heard Guyger yelling for Jean to open the door before hearing the shot fired, although there has not been any evidence to support the claim.

Video does exist that shows Guyger directly after the shooting. Guyger is seen walking in the hallway on the phone and appears to be distressed.

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In the 24 hours following the shocking shooting of Botham Shem Jean social media has been riddled with rumors about the shooting. Multiple names were claimed to be the officer responsible before Officer Amber Guyger was confirmed as the shooter on Saturday.

A picture from Jean’s Instagram account has been passed around the Web and the source of multiple rumors. In the picture, Jean is seen with three women. People began claiming that one of the women in the image was Guyger and that the two used to date.

Not only is Guyger not in the viral image but sources say Jean did not know Guyger before the shooting occurred. One of the sources claiming Jean did not know Guyger is the family’s attorney Lee Merritt. Merritt told WFAA that family members have stated Jean did not know Guyger and there is no evidence giving reason to believe otherwise at this time.

The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Texas Rangers were asked to investigate the shooting. The Rangers are often brought into officer-related shootings. While Guyger was not on-duty at the time of the shooting, she was still wearing her police uniform.

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