Amber Guyger Not Verified As Police Officer Who Shot Botham Shem Jean

Social media users claim Amber Guyger is the officer responsible for killing Botham Shem Jean

  • Amy Gyger was named as the officer responsible but no records of that name exist

  • Guyger was involved in an officer involved shooting in 2017

  • Claims that Chief U. Renee Hall verified Guyger as the shooter have yet to be confirmed

In the hours following the off-duty officer-involved fatal shooting of 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean in Dallas, Texas the Internet began the expected crusade to identify the officer responsible for the death. Jean was killed after the officer walked in his apartment and shot him. The officer later claimed she thought she was in her apartment and thought Jean was an intruder.

Initially, Amy Gyger was named as the officer responsible for the shooting. A picture of Jean with three women was said to have pictured Gyger. Social media has spread a rumor that Jean was dating Gyger in the picture. Others have disputed the picture is of Jean and coworkers. We were unable to find any record of an Amy Gyger in the Dallas area or confirm the identity of the women in the image.

Shortly after Gyger was named as the office another name began spreading, Officer Amber Guyger. Guyger is — or at least was — an officer with the Dallas Police Department who was involved in another officer-related shooting on On May 12, 2017.

The shooting occurred at around 8:58 am when Crime Response Team responded to the 8300 block of Reva Street after undercover officers were told there was a wanted female at the location. A brief description of the shooting can be found on the DPD Beat website.

On May 12, 2017, at about 8:58 am, Dallas officers from the Crime Response Team responded to the 8300 block of Reva Street after receiving information from undercover officers that a wanted female was at the location. When the uniformed officers arrived, they observed the female they believed to be wanted sitting in the front passenger seat of a vehicle with a male sitting in the front driver seat and another male sitting in the back seat. While officers were attempting to identify the female passenger, the male passenger sitting in the rear seat exited the vehicle after being told repeatedly by officers to remain seated. The male suspect then engaged in a physical confrontation with the officers. The suspect was able to gain control of one of the officer’s taser causing an officer to draw their firearm and shoot the suspect. The suspect was transported to an area hospital where he is listed in stable condition. There were no officers injured. This incident will be documented on case number 106261-2017.

Social media users claim that the name has been confirmed by Chief U. Renee Hall — who was also at one point accused of being the shooter on social media — although nothing official is showing that to be the case. However, the officer is said to be a five-year veteran by the Dallas Police Department. In records from the May 2017 shooting, it does state that Guyger had been on the force for three years and six months, which would mean she is roughly a five-year veteran at the time of the Jean shooting.

While some may believe this is enough evidence to prove Guyger as the shooter, it should be noted that in May of 2013 the Dallas Police Academy had 46 graduates with 18 of those being female. The May graduation marked the first year the DPD was attempting to bring on more female officers. So while Guyger does have a suspicious past, she is one of many five-year veterans of the DPD.

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Original Story

In Dallas, Texas a warrant has been issued for manslaughter after an off-duty female police officer walked into her neighbor’s apartment and shot him. It was announced that 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean died from his wound.

In possibly one of the strangest stories behind a police officer related shooting, the officer claims she walked into Jean’s apartment thinking it was her apartment. The female office believed Jean was an intruder and shot him. It is unknown what words were exchanged before the officer shot Jean.

The officer — who has yet to be named — was said to have just finished her shift. While many questions remain about the shooting, investigators have said they are pursuing a manslaughter warrant against the female officer.

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