Amanda Gill May Have Been An Organ Harvesting Victim In Mexico

41-year-old Amanda Gill appears to have been a victim of organ harvesting after her death at the Hospital De Cos in Mexico City

  • Amanda is believed to have went to Hospital De Cos last December for ketoacidosis

  • In less than 12 hours after checking into the hospital Gill was dead

  • Once her body arrived back in the UK it was discovered her organs were missing

  • Officials in Mexico refuse to take the blame for the missing organs

While traveling last December, 41-year-old Amanda Gill checked into Hospital De Cos in Mexico City due to complications from her diabetes. Less than 12 hours later, Amanda was dead. Her body was returned to the UK where it was discovered she was missing her eyes, brain, heart and other organs. Her family now believes Amanda was a victim of organ harvesting.

Officials from Hospital De Cos claim they handed the body over to authorities completely intact and sealed in a bag. Meanwhile, authorities in the area refuse to comment on the missing the organs. This leaves the family of the deceased barmaid and waitress from Shipley, West Yorks wondering what happened to Amanda’s organs.

Amanda’s missing organs is not the only thing the family is questioning. Public prosecutor Edgar Camacho stated he received a report of Amanda’s death saying she died of diabetic shock. Camacho went on to say no investigation had been launched into the missing organs despite the Foreign Office contacting Mexican authorities.

They even took her brain and eyes? That’s very strange. I don’t know the reason for this situation.

“Hospital de Cos is a very bad hospital. Around 90 percent of patients who are taken there die,” Camacho claimed. Camacho’s claims has raised more questions for Amanda’s mother, 65-year-old Elaine Hines. Hines does not understand how the hospital let her daughter die since she had been in the hospital with ketoacidosis multiple times prior to her death.

She had been in hospital a few times with ketoacidosis, which is one of those horrible things you get with diabetes.

I don’t understand why she died within 12 hours of going into hospital.

The hospital said she wouldn’t take fluids but the first thing you do is put them on a drip and that brings them round. It isn’t something that would have killed her.

Elaine cremated Amanda on her birthday, February 27. To this day no officials have taken responsibility for Amanda’s missing organs. Amanda’s 35-year-old sister Katie Miller-Gill stated that if the organs were needed they may have donated them if they were asked.

Where are my sister’s beautiful blue eyes? Why were they taken from her? Where is her brain, her heart?

If they had said to us can we ­donate her organs then we might have considered it. But to steal them?

Did they steal all her organs ­because she was British and so they thought they would get away with it as it wouldn’t be followed up?

Did they do it to her because she was foreign? Did they steal her ­organs for the illegal trade? We just don’t know. We haven’t got the ­answers we wanted.

Organ harvesting is a dark world which lacks a substantial amount of information. Mexico is plagued with organ harvesting due to several factors. People are reluctant to donate organs in Mexico due to religious reasons. This has left over 21,000 waiting for transplants, which inevitably pushes people to find organs by any means possible.

With a growing demand for organs, the cartels have seen a business worth exploring. Many cartels are exploring other sources of revenue aside from the drug market. This has cartels dabbling in everything from smuggling oil to human trafficking to organ harvesting. Cartels are believed to be involved in organ harvesting years.

In 2014, Manuel Plancarte Gaspar of the Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) cartel was arrested. Gaspar was part of the Caballeros Templarios’ organ trafficking ring. Those involved would take children to rented houses with medical equipment and kill the children to harvest their organs, then sell them on the black market.

Organ harvesting is one of the darkest and most complicated realms of the black market. The entire process is much different than trafficking drugs or a living person. Obviously someone with surgical training is required. Along with needing people with proper training, proper equipment for removal and transplanting the organs without damaging them are also required. That is why corrupt doctors are believed to be the most vital role in the world of organ harvesting.



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