Internet Names Alison Ettel “Permit Patty” For Calling Cops On 8-Year-old

Alison Ettel went viral for threatening to call the police on an 8-year-old girl selling water in front of her mother’s apartment

  • The video was posted to the mother’s Instagram account and received almost 1 million views in under 24 hours

  • The hashtag #PermitPatty has been dedicated to Ettel’s viral call

  • Ettel is the CEO and co-founder of Treatwell a company that provides CBD and THC products for dogs cats and people

  • Some in the cannabis industry have already been calling for a boycott of Treatwell

Life was going well for 44-year-old Alison Ettel up until Saturday when she went viral for calling the police on an 8-year-old girl selling water outside of her apartment in San Francisco.

The story is reminiscent of an incident in May when Dr. Jennifer Schulte called the police on a group of African-Americans barbecuing in Oakland, California.

It was reported by Heavy that the little girl lives near AT&T Park where the San Francisco Giants played the San Diego Padres on Friday. The young entrepreneur decided to try and sell cold water to baseball fans walking to or from the game. Apparently, the young girl selling water for $2.00 a bottle was enough to cause Ettel to snap.

The video was uploaded to the Instagram account of the girl’s mother, @ladyesowavy. The caption with the video reads as follows.

Make this bitch go viral like #bbqbecky she’s #permitpatty would you rather my daughter be out here getting into shit Fr cuz an 8 year old selling water in front of her apartment building where she’s lived her whole life is NOT a reason to call the Police 🤬🤬🤬

In the video, Ettel is seen walking on a sidewalk on her phone. The girl’s mother is heard saying, “This woman don’t want to let a little girl sell some water.”

Ettel turns to the mother and notices she is being recorded, at which point she attempts to hide behind a wall. “She calling the police on a little 8-year-old girl,” the girl’s mother says as she approaches the hiding woman. “You can hide all you want,” the mother continues, “The whole world gonna see ya boo.”

Once face to face with the mother, Ettel stands up and responds, “Yeah, and umm, illegally selling water without a permit… yeah.” “On my property,” the girl’s mother responds. Ettel responds, “It’s not your property.” Then the video ends.

The video has been viewed almost one million times since it was uploaded to Instagram and since has been doing the normal rounds across all the major social media sites. The hashtag #PermitPatty has been dedicated to Ettel after the video went viral. Schulte had the hashtag #BbqBecky following her viral 911 call in Oakland.

On Saturday, the girl’s mother posted an image to her Instagram thanking people for their support with the following caption.

I’m trying to read all the messages and reply to all the positive and supportive souls in this world 🌍 THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US ITS NOT ALL BAD!!! Everyone keeps asking how they can donate to my daughter….If you would like to support my daughter all funds sent to my cashapp will be for her!! $ladyesowavy FYI SFPD did NOT show up

Ettel told the HuffPost later on Saturday that she felt “horrible and heart-wrenched” following the incident. Ettel claimed that she could hear the girl “screaming” about her product through her open office window. When asked why she did not just close her window, Ettel said it was too hot and it would not have stopped the noise.

They were screaming about what they were selling. It was literally nonstop. It was every two seconds, ‘Come and buy my water.’ It was continuous and it wasn’t a soft voice, it was screaming.

Ettel said she did not actually call the police on the girl but after hours of listening to the young salesperson, she claimed she ” just snapped.” Oddly enough, Ettel just hosted a calming anxiety and stress with cannabis talk on June 14, in San Francisco. Ettel has stated that she does not use cannabis herself, nor does she feel inclined to.

Before Ettel was Permit Patty, she was one of the founders of ‘Treatwell’, a company that produces THC and CBD products for dogs, cats and people. The company was founded in 2015 and Ettel is the CEO and co-founder.

Treatwell offers educational and consulting services for “dispensary training; patient consultations; corporate strategy; business services; product development; cannabis extraction consulting; and cultivation consulting. Since Ettel went viral for her video, some major names in the cannabis industry have been calling for a boycott of her Treatwell.



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