15-year-old Alicia Rose Mitzel still missing possibly from Standing Rock Camp site

Despite rumors on social media 15-year-old Alicia Rose Mitzel is still missing

  • Mitzel was last seen on October 25, 2016 in West Fargo, North Dakota

  • Her parents believe she was trying to go join the Standing Rock encampment

  • Mitzel’s father spoke on Wicapi Otto’s livestream Monday night

A concerned family is still trying to get the word out about their missing daughter, 15-year-old Alicia Rose Mitzel. Rumor had spread on social media that Mitzel had been found, but the young girl’s father took to social media on Monday night to dispel that rumor.

Mitzel was last seen in West Fargo, North Dakota, on October 25, 2016. It is believed that she went to the Cannonball area without her parent’s permission to join the encampment against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Mitzel’s parents learned that she had been treated by a medic for a burn on her arm after an explosion at camp.

Wicapi Otto did a livestream to her Facebook page with Rose’s father via phone call. Both Rose and Mitzel wanted to stress that the girl’s disappearance did not have anything to do with the movement. Mitzel’s father wants it to be clear that he is not blaming Standing Rock for his daughter’s disappearance, he just wants his daughter home.

Mitzel’s father is desperate for any information about his daughter. He has offered a $600 reward to anybody with information that helps get Rose home. Anybody with any information on Mitzel is asked to contact Detective Sgt. Greg Warren at 701-433-5540. Mitzel’s father has also requested for anybody with information to call his phone at 701-730-4690.



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