Alexander Carballido Possible Suspect In Police Shootout by Miami Airport

Alexander Carballido is believed to be the suspect involved in a shootout with police on Thursday night near Miami International Airport

  • A video from neighbors nearby catch the sound of rapid fire during the shootout

  • The suspect was killed and nobody else was injured despite firing at officers

  • A recent victim believes Carballido is the suspect involved in Thursday’s shootout

A video shared to social media on Thursday night gives a faraway look at a shootout with police in Miami. In the footage, rapid shots are heard firing just blocks away from Miami International Airport. Police say only one suspect was involved and he was killed during the shootout.

In the video, a woman is heard saying “Oh my God” as rapid gunfire can be heard and dozens of police cars are seen. The suspect led police on a short chase before the shootout began. It was reported the suspect was the only person injured during the shootout. 

The suspect was said to be involved in an FBI kidnapping case and armed with an AK-47. Officials stated City of Miami police and Miami-Dade were actively working with the FBI on the kidnapping case at the time of the shooting. FBI spokesman Brian Waterman said the suspect exchanged fire with police and was involved in a hate crime.

Waterman, along with Miami-Dade Detective Alvaro Zabaleta, stated on Friday morning that they had not yet made contact with the suspect’s family. The suspect’s identity has yet to be confirmed at the time of this article.

While it has not been confirmed, a 36-year-old victim believes 40-year-old Alexander Carballido is the suspect involved in the fatal shootout. The victim works as an Uber driver and a security guard. He believes Carballido may have spotted him at a porn store on LeJeune Road on Monday.

The victim believes Carballido possibly got his phone number from a fellow Uber driver. Carballido contacted the victim and claimed he was searching for a security guard but needed to meet him in person. The victim gave Carballido his address, and he went to his home in Allapattah on Wednesday.

Once inside the victim’s home, Carballido forced the victim to undress. The victim claims Carballido pointed a gun at him and said, “all gay men should be dead.” Carballido pistol-whipped the victim and took $500 cash and thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Carballido was released from jail for kidnappings, aggravated battery, carjacking with a deadly weapon, fleeing and eluding police and aggravated assault on a police officer on July 1. The manhunt for Carballido was announced on Thursday morning. While the FBI would not confirm if Carbadllido was the suspect, his victim from Wednesday was reportedly at the scene of the shooting on Thursday.



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