Wisconsin Activist Jeremy Ryan Allegedly Denied Medical Care In Jail

Supporters of Jeremy Ryan claim he is being denied medical care in jail

  • Ryan was running for Congress this election as a Republican

  • He was arrested last month for attempting to purchase illegal chemicals online to use in a suicide

  • Since his incarceration Ryan claims he has lost eyesight in one of his eyes

Denied Medical Assistance

On October 24, Jeremy “Segway” Ryan was arrested by the FBI on charges of attempting to buy radioactive chemicals from the internet.

On Thursday, Ryan requested medical assistance while in jail for having issues with his right eye. Ryan has been using the same contact cleaning solution for the last two weeks.

He was eventually taken to the medical facility part of the jail. Ryan claims they did not clean out his eyes, but they did give him a patch and told him he would have to wait to see a doctor and left him in the medical unit for the night.

The next day Ryan claims he was advised repetitively that he would be assisted soon every time he asked throughout the whole day. By the end of the day it changed from receiving medical attention soon to possibly the next day.

When he realized he was not going to get any medical assistance, he reached out to his friends asking for their help.

His close friends believe that they were punishing him, due to the fact that they were making calls to the jail and 911 demanding for Ryan to get crucial medical help.

The Daily Haze spoke to Valerie Schroeder, and she stated that she was able to reach out to Deputy Schroeder on Ryan’s behalf and requested for him to be transported back to his unit so he can use the cleaning solution on the other eye since it was starting to become painful as well.

Schroeder stated that he could not be released back without doctors approval since it is a medical issue and refused to talk to her anymore about the subject.

Ryan told Schroeder they were trying to keep him in the medical unit till Monday.

Friday night, a 3rd shift nurse signed off on his release back, stating that he was well enough to return, without a doctors authorization.

This is not the first time that law enforcement has either denied or delayed medical help to Ryan.

In 2016, when he called 911 for medical assistance, the police had to search him outside the house before EMT’s were able to assist him. Ryan found out days later the police put both him and his address on a ‘Red Alert,’ which requires police presence and for them to search whenever emergency services are involved with him or the residence. Ryan believes this is due to the fact that he is so outspoken about holding law enforcement and politicians accountable for their actions.

Ryan’s Arrest

Ryan was originally arrested last month by the FBI. According to his lawyer and court statements, he visited an internet site in hopes of buying a strong enough chemical to kill himself if he ever chose to.

The conversation between Ryan and the undercover agent did disclose that the person he wanted to use it on was the same height and weight as himself but did not mention any names.

Ryan originally visited the site in March but stopped communicating with the undercover agent till October.

After hearing about his arrest, Walasek stated:

Jeremy has proven time and again the type of person he is. He is an amazing father, a loyal friend, and a community activist. He is a gentle and compassionate person, and I do not believe he would hurt anyone. I believe that the FBI is not making public all the facts about his case, possibly because of his recent political run.


Ryan’s Activism and Politics

Ryan earned the nickname “Segway” back in 2011, during what many deemed as the protest that never ended. Ryan was one of the protesters that went to Wisconsin’s Capitol building weekly in protest of the Act 10.

The protesters, along with Ryan, sued and won claiming wrongful arrests and several different injuries.

Since then, Ryan has part-taken on other activism activities through out the years such as protesting the murder of Tony Robinson.

His latest activism activities were running for Congress in 2014 and this year.

He was running in an attempt to reform marijuana laws in Wisconsin.

Ryan was able to obtain 6,221 votes but lost.

Ryan’s Future Plans

At this moment the FBI has not taken down his political website.

Ryan is currently looking for legal representation to sue the Dane County Correctional facility for refusing medical attention, according to Walasek.

Ryan’s friends have created a fundraiser on Funded Justice in hopes to help Ryan cover legal fees.

Ryan’s close friends were advised by him that officers told him that any more calls regarding his safety would be considered false and they could be charged with making a frivolous call.




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