Active Shooter Situation At Wichita DCF Ends With Suspect Injured

An active shooter outside the Department for Children and Families building in Wichita Kansas was taken to the hospital in serious condition

  • Deputies arrived on the scene of an active shooting at around 3:00 pm on Tuesday

  • Video from inside shows the man firing at the DCF building

  • A sheriff’s deputy fired one shot that struck the man in the upper torso

An active shooter situation near the Department for Children and Families (DCF) in Wichita, Kansas came to an end after a sheriff’s deputy wounded the suspect in the upper torso with a long rifle. The man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter said at around 3:00 pm two deputies arrived at the scene where an intoxicated man was shooting in random directions and at the DCF building located near the intersection of Pawnee and Oliver.

The Daily Haze received two short videos from a source that wished to remain anonymous of the shooting recorded from inside the DCF building. In the first video a woman is heard saying, “It’s not a handgun, it’s a long one.”

In the second video, a man is heard saying “This man is shooting.” Another man says, “He’s drunk.” A woman then says, “He’s straight shooting at our building too. What’d we do to piss him off?” Another woman asks what kind of gun the man has. A woman responds, “A big one. A rifle.” The man is heard firing shots throughout the two short videos.

According to Easter, the man — who has yet to be identified but is described as a man in his 60’s — was armed with a handgun and firing in different directions. After arriving on the scene, a sheriff’s deputy armed with a rifle kept the man in his sights. Once the man pointed the gun at officers, the deputy fired one shot that struck the man in the upper torso. The suspect was taken to Wesley Medical Center with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

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Not too far from the scene, a motorcycle officer from the Wichita Police Department fired two shots at a vehicle near the intersection of Kellogg and Webb. According to Wichita Police Officer Charley Davidson, the officer attempted to pull over a vehicle that was heading west in the eastbound traffic lanes.

The suspect pulled into the parking lot of Club Rodeo and went off-road towards a “driveway-type area.” The suspect then did a u-turn and drove his vehicle at the officer. The officer fired two shots at the suspect. The suspect ditched the vehicle behind Club Rodeo and officers were searching the area.



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