Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the area of Standing Rock

Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the surrounding area of Dakota Access Pipeline

  • Law enforcement has requested Ace Hardware to not sell any materials that could be used as an “incendiary device”

  • Officers claim that protesters were using propane tanks as incendiary devices the night that Sophia Wilansky suffered a severe arm injury after being hit by a CS Grenade from law enforcement

  • Livestreamer Kevin Gilbertt recorded a call to Ace Hardware customer care services

Editor’s Note: TDH never named a store that was following the policy that was requested by the Ace Hardware name. This article was specifically showing what the corporate’s response to a request from law enforcement.

UPDATE: TDH reached out to the Ace Hardware located in Bismarck, North Dakota. We were informed that the store was not informed of the policy banning the sale of propane tanks.

Furthermore, the store’s owner has been a long time supporter of the Sioux tribe and the store claims they have never denied service to anyone involved in the stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

On Thursday morning Ace Hardware issued this statement in regards to the policy banning the sale of propane.

Update: As of Thursday, Dec. 1 at 10 a.m. local time, Ace Hardware stores in Bismarck, N. D., are in-stock and selling 1 lb. propane canisters. 

At Ace, our local store owners take great pride in serving their neighbors and it is our policy to serve all customers without discrimination and to follow all laws in each respective community.

We understand the concerns that have been shared with us regarding product sales related to the recent protests in North Dakota and have been working very hard to gather all of the facts from our locally-owned Ace stores that operate in the area and local authorities. To be candid, we’ve been working feverishly to unearth all of the facts, which have been cloudy at times.

In an effort to clear any misunderstanding and/or misinformation, Ace Hardware can now confirm that there is no ban on the sale of products at our locally-owned Ace stores; customers should feel free to check with their local store for inventory availability.”

TDH reached out to Ace Hardware’s Corporate Media Relations Kate Kirkpatrick, but there was no response at the time of this article and her voicemail was full.

Ace Hardware has joined against the water protectors in Standing Rock as they are refusing to sell propane around the area of the standoff against the Dakota Access Pipeline area.

Livestreamer Kevin Gilbertt recorded a call to Ace Hardware to inquire about the policy that was suggested by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department.

A full transcript of the call can be read below.

Ace Hardware: Thank for calling the Ace Care Center, my name is Camilla. How may I help you?

Gilbertt: Hi Camilla, umm… just wanted to check on a policy that I heard about to make sure of the truth about this policy. I’ve been informed that the area around the pipeline, in North Dakota, Ace Hardware were no longer able to sell anything considered incendiary including propane.

Ace Hardware: Mm-hmm.

Gilbertt: Can you confirm that as being true?

Ace Hardware: That is true. We are (inaudible) we umm, Ace Hardware stores in the vicinity of the recent pipeline protests have been requested by law enforcement to refrain from selling materials that can be used as in-in-indiscinary (we believe she was trying to say incendiary) devices. Um, so Ace’s number one priority is to protect the safety of the police, customers, and community that a few stores serve. Ace will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials. Ace’s compliance is not a reflection of any corporate viewpoint on the actual pipeline project.

Gilbertt: Wow! And uh, just say your name again for me, sorry.

Ace Hardware: Camilla. My name is Camilla.

Gilbertt: And where do you work Camilla?

Ace Hardware: I’m sorry?

Gilbertt: And where, where exactly do you work? What’s your position?

Ace Hardware: I’m a customer service representative.

Gilbertt: For?

Ace Hardware: For the company you just called.

Gilbertt: For Ace Hardware.

(Long pause)

Gilbertt: Correct?

Ace Hardware: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Gilbertt: No that’s perfect. Thank you so much.

Ace Hardware: You’re welcome, thanks for calling. Have a good one.

Gilbertt: Will do, bye-bye.

The video of the call can be seen below.

The decision to no longer sell propane in the area is one of many problems those at the Oceti Sakowin camp are facing. Governor Dalrymple recently declared an emergency evacuation for the area where the camp is located.

Dalrymple and Sheriff Kirchmeier claim that denying the people public service such as police, ambulance, and by blocking supplies and now not allowing propane to be sold, is all for the best interest of everybody at the camp. A ridiculous way of defending such atrocious actions at best.



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