Abusive Relationship Ends With Murder In Wichita Kansas

33-year-old Aaron Suiter charged with 2nd-Degree-Murder after allegedly killing his 25-year-old girlfriend Bryena “Kat Ina Hat” McQuitty

  • Wichita police responded to a call of a woman not breathing on Sunday afternoon

  • McQuitty was found unresponsive with signs of trauma

  • Suiter was booked into Sedgwick County Jail for 2nd-Degree-Murder with a $300,000 bond

  • Several people who knew the couple said they had an abusive relationship

In Wichita, Kansas, 33-year-old Aaron Suiter has been charged with 2nd-Degree-Murder after police responded to a report of a woman not breathing on the 800 block of North Litchfield.

Police arrived at the residence at around 11:00 am on Sunday and found Suiter’s 25-year-old girlfriend, Bryena “Kat Ina Hat” McQuitty, unresponsive. Lt. Todd Ojile said, “Trauma was located on the female.”

Verbal Argument

During the investigation, it was learned that the female and her boyfriend came home in the early morning hours on Sunday. There was a loud verbal argument. Sometime either during this argument or shortly thereafter, the female was assaulted and killed by the boyfriend.

Suiter was booked into Sedgwick County Jail on Sunday and held without bond on Monday morning. Suiter is currently held on a $300,000 bond.

A History Of Violence

On April 15, 2003, Suiter was arrested on drug charges. An article on Medium written in April claims Suiter was a drug dealer and lists his address. The article appears to be a DOX against McQuitty after a dispute over the game Overwatch. It was no secret that McQuitty was a gamer.

Julius Kivimäki wrote the Medium article and described himself on his account as “Infosec unprofessional, career federal informant. Google my name.” At 17, Kivimäki was arrested by Finnish police for his role in a massive Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack against the largest online gaming networks, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Kivimäki also claims McQuitty was arrested for domestic assault and battery on March 11, but TDH was not able to confirm that report at this time.

Since 2008, the Wichita Police Department said they had eight calls to the home for domestic violence. The Daily Haze spoke to several people who knew the couple but wished to remain anonymous. They claimed there was a history of violence in the relationship. TDH was told McQuitty made multiple posts on Facebook about injuries Suiter gave her but later erased them.

Bryena McQuitty Funeral Fund

A Go Fund Me campaign was started to help the family with funeral costs for McQuitty. The campaign was started by Jessica Brooke Garrison with a $10,000 goal. As of now, the campaign has raised $830 since yesterday. The description of the campaign reads as follows.

Bryena is a beautiful young lady who was called home way too early. Bryena known to many as “Kat”, was a free spirit that brought joy to everyone around her. Her beauty could stop anyone in their steps and her down to earth positive personality could always pull you in. She is loved by many and will be truly missed by all. The family is trying to raise funds to hold a memorial service for Bryena in Wichita. They wish to celebrate her life and bring awareness to domestic violence. The family hopes that Bryena’s passing calls attention to the problems of domestic violence. Bryena’s Mother, Tammy McQuitty resides in Tulsa with Bryena’s brother, Justin McQuitty. Bryena’s Father, Rip McQuitty resides in Houston. Bryena’s sister, Krista Russell resides in Pennsylvania. They are all attempting to make travel arrangements back to Wichita. Please pray for her family as they travel back and put this beautiful angel to rest. All donations and shares on Facebook will be more than appreciated. We also would love for you to share any happy memories or pictures you may have with Bryena in the comments.
“Most murders of American women involve domestic violence, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The CDC analyzed data from 18 states, finding 10,018 female homicides between 2003 and 2014. Over half ― 55 percent ― of cases where circumstances were known to involve domestic violence. In 93 percent of those cases, victims were killed by current or former intimate partners: boyfriends, husbands, and lovers.”
Help us bring awareness to how serious domestic violence can be.
As plans are made we will be updating here!
The family respectfully continues to ask for their privacy as they are handling the unthinkable.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers in this difficult time.

Rest in paradise.

An Epidemic Of Domestic Violence

The tragic death of McQuitty is part of a growing epidemic of domestic violence in the country. Between 2001 and 2012 there were 6,488 American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. During that same period, 11,766 women were murdered by their current or ex-partner. On average, three women are killed a day in America from domestic violence incidents.

To those on the outside of an abusive relationship, it is hard to understand why the victim does not leave the situation. According to an article from PsychCentral, there are a number of emotional, situational, and issues specific to women that keep partners in these abusive relationships to consider before passing judgement.

Emotional Reasons for Staying

  • Belief that the abusive partner will change because of his or her remorse and promises to stop battering

  • Fear of the abuser who threatens to kill the victim if abuse is reported to anyone

  • Insecurity about living alone

  • Lack of emotional support

  • Guilt over the failure of the relationship

  • Attachment to the partner

  • Fear of making major life changes

  • Feeling responsible for the abuse

  • Feeling helpless, hopeless and trapped

  • Belief that he or she is the only one who can help the abuser with his or her problems

Situational Reasons for Staying

  • Economic dependence on the abuser

  • Fear of physical harm to self or children

  • Fear of emotional damage to the children who need two parents, even if one is abusive

  • Fear of losing custody of the children because the abuser threatens to take the children if victim tries to leave

  • Lack of occupational skills

  • Social isolation and lack of support because abuser is often the victim’s only support system

  • Lack of information regarding community resources

  • Belief that law enforcement will not take him or her seriously

  • Lack of alternative housing

  • Cultural or religious constrains

Issues Specific to Women

Women, in particular, can experience hesitant and contradictory feelings and thoughts about the abusive partner and the relationship. These are some common victim reactions toward the abuser’s behavior—reactions that can keep the woman in the relationship:

  • Feels emotionally attached to the abuser, but also feels anger toward him which she denies

  • Is grateful toward the abuser for small acts of kindness and tends to explain away his violence

  • Is very attentive to the abuser’s needs with the mistaken belief that she will be able to anticipate his needs and prevent the beatings

  • Believes the abuser will change

  • Believes he needs her and feels guilty about leaving him

  • May use alcohol or other drugs to cope with the anxiety, fear or depression

  • Justifies the violence and feels responsible for it



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