Aaron Suiter To Begin Trial For The Murder Of Bryena “Katt” McQuitty

34-year-old Aaron Suiter to start trial for the 2017 murder of 25-year-old Bryena “Katt” McQuitty

  • Police arrived at Suiter’s apartment where McQuitty was deceased with injuries to her neck

  • Suiter’s roommate and his girlfriend heard the couple fighting the McQuitty was murdered

  • McQuitty’s mother Tammy McQuitty has concerns on if Suiter will receive a just punishment

  • Suiter had a long history of abusing McQuitty in the relationship

It has been over a year since 34-year-old Aaron Suiter was accused of killing his girlfriend 25-year-old Bryena “Katt” McQuitty. Next week Suiter will begin trial for his charge of murder.

Friends of the couple said there was a long history of Suiter abusing McQuitty. The Wichita Police Department said they had been to the residence eight times for domestic issues. On November 26, 2017, the abuse became murder.

The Daily Haze spoke to McQuitty’s mother Tammy McQuitty who has concerns over Suiter receiving an appropriate sentence. Her concerns were raised after 38-year-old Travis Becker Jr was sentenced to 35 years in prison — with the possibility for parole in 25 years — for beating his girlfriend 42-year-old Perla Rodriguez to death with a shovel on November 14, 2017.

According to an affidavit, police had to force entry into Rodriguez’s house during a welfare check and found her with obvious trauma in the master bedroom near the bathtub. Police found a shovel in the bedroom that was covered with Rodriguez’s blood and hair. Becker was charged with first-degree murder. The same charge Suiter is facing.

A police investigation gave insight as to what happened in the hours leading up to McQuitty’s death. The couple had been at a neighborhood bar on November 25, 2017. In the police affidavit, a person known as B.K. found McQuitty crying outside the bar after closing time. McQuitty told B.K. “my boyfriend left me.” B.K. gave McQuitty a ride and dropped her off near Suiter’s home.

Suiter’s roommate Mike Unruh and his girlfriend Marissa Nieves were at the apartment the night McQuitty was killed. Both Unruh and Nieves say they woke up around 2:30 am when McQuitty arrived at the apartment. McQuitty slammed the door and woke Unruh up and asked him to call Suiter for her. Unruh told McQuitty he was at the corner and she went to Suiter’s bedroom. It is not clear what corner Suiter was on.

The couple went back to sleep but were woke up once again at around 5:00 am when Suiter arrived at the apartment. Unruh claimed to hear McQuitty call Suiter an “asshole,” then turned his music up and went back to sleep. Nieves claimed she heard McQuitty yelling “fuck you,” “get off me,” and “I hate you,” followed by repetitions of “fuck you.”

In the affidavit, Nieves also said she heard banging on the walls followed by dead silence coming from the bedroom. Nieves went back to sleep and left in the morning without seeing McQuitty or Suiter. Unruh claims he woke up and went to the grocery store and did not see McQuitty or Suiter either.

In the morning, Suiter went to his neighbor’s door and told him “call 911 my girlfriend’s not breathing.” The neighbor was brought into Suiter’s apartment and led to McQuitty’s lifeless body. The neighbor performed CPR on McQuitty per instruction from 911 dispatch until first responders arrived.

EMS informed Officer Keahey that McQuitty was deceased and there were possible injuries to her neck as he arrived on the scene. When Keahey entered the apartment he saw Suiter “squatting over McQuitty with his hands near her face.” Keahey instructed Suiter to step out of the apartment, at which time he stood up and put his hands behind his back as if expecting to be handcuffed. Keahey walked Suiter out to another officer.

Had Suiter’s roommate or girlfriend intervened, there is a chance McQuitty would still be alive. However, not only was there a history of violence in the relationship, but there was also a history of Unruh ignoring the abuse according to McQuitty.

In a status McQuitty made on Facebook, which she later deleted, she claimed Suiter had “beat” her head against the toilet a couple times and scooped toilet water out to dump on her head. McQuitty goes on to claim that she screamed for help, but instead of helping, Unruh ran out the door.

best boyfriend ever, am i right? This doesn’t even cover half of it…

The dirty details of him dragging me across the floor to the bathroom, and because i had put my bloody hands pn his wall to get away he beat my head against the toilet a couple times, and i was kicking it get away, he was scooping out the toilet and pouring it all over me. ..

And as i screamed for help his roommate ran out the door.

Aall because i was putting on a jacket to go smoke outside before bed. He had it in his head i was going to go “meet someone,” the fuck?

The Daily Haze obtained an email McQuitty sent to Suiter one year and one day before she was murdered, along with two pictures. One of the pictures shows McQuitty bruised and bleeding from her nose. The other image shows her bandaged hand after Suiter allegedly smashed her hand while she was holding a glass. The broken glass almost severed the tip of McQuitty’s finger.

The whole inside of my mouth is tore open… Like you slapped my cheek into my teeth.. Or when you were bashing my head into the toilet seat… Regardless there is a huge gash in my mouth and it hurts SO BAD. And my nose, is not only broken, but it is scared. I will have that gash on MY FACE.. for the rest of my life.



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