A 7-day-old infant still missing in Wichita, Kansas after the mother was found murdered

Update: Baby Sofia has been found and is safe in Dallas, Texas.

At roughly 4:30 am, police executed a search warrant at a residence in Dallas. Sofia Gonzales was found inside the residence and taken into police custody.

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsey said two suspects that knew Sofia’s mother were taken into custody for questioning. Investigators from Wichita went to Dallas following the raid. The names of the two suspects have not yet been released.

Wichita, Kansas responded to a call about a shooting on Thursday afternoon

  • When officers arrived on the scene they found 27-year-old Laura Abarca-Nogueda dead on the scene after suffering from a gunshot wound

  • Abarca-Nogueda’s boyfriend was the one who discovered the body

  • 6-day-old Sofia Gonzales was missing from the scene of the crime

  • The FBI has joined local law enforcement in the search for Baby Sofia

  • Police have no leads on a possible suspect and are asking for help from the community in finding Baby Sofia

A 27-year-old mother is dead, and a 7-day-old infant is missing in Wichita, Kansas. Now police and FBI in the area are asking for help from the community to help find 7-day-old Sofia Gonzales.

Thursday, Wichita police responded to a shooting call around 3:30 on the 200 block of North Brunswick. Laura Abarca-Nogueda’s boyfriend came home to find the 27-year-old dead from a gunshot wound, and Sofia was nowhere to be found.

Abarca-was pronounced dead on the scene. Police on the scene also confirmed that the newborn was missing.

As of now, police have said that Sofia’s father is not a suspect in the murder of disappearance of Sofia.

On Thursday, police were initially looking for a purple Cadillac de Ville, but Thursday night Sgt. Nikki Woodrow of the Wichita Police Department stated that the owner of the vehicle was found and no longer considered to be a suspect.

The FBI now has a team that specializes in child abduction assisting the Wichita Police Department in the search for Baby Sofia.

An Amber Alert has not been issued due to Sofia’s disappearance not meeting the necessary criteria. For an Amber Alert to be issued information about the suspect must be included. At this time, law enforcement does not have any information on a possible suspect.

The Wichita Police Department is working with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to gather information on the suspect to get an Amber Alert issued. Once that happens, an Amber Alert will be issued immediately.

At the moment, law enforcement is hoping the power of media, with a focus on social media in specific, can help find Baby Sofia. The story has been shared thousands of times, which may help in receiving information on a possible suspect.

As of Friday evening, Wichita police still had no new information on the shooting or disappearance of Sofia. Anybody with any information is asked to contact 911 or contact the FBI by calling 1-800-CALL FBI.



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