5StarJazziii Claims Strippers Made $3 Million At Stripper Bowl In Atlanta

  • A viral post claims 25 strippers from Stripper Bowl made $120,000 a piece
  • Instagram user 5starjazziii made a post claiming the daners were tipped a total of $3 million
  • TMZ reported that other strippers claimed 111 girls walked away with $2,000 at the end of the night

While some were excited to see this year’s Super Bowl, others were more excited about “Stripper Bowl.” Atlanta-based Quality Control Music — which represents Migos and Lil Baby — hosted a farewell event for all the strippers that came to town for the Super Bowl on Monday night at the Gold Room club.

While there was no doubt a sickening amount of money spent that night, social media users appear to have been duped on how much was spent. One of the strippers from that night posted a picture from that night on her social media. In the picture, 5starjazziii claimed there was a total of $3 million that was split between 25 girls totaling $120,000 for each dancer.

Since y’all got so many questions We made 3 mil & split it 25 ways. U happy? Have some compassion & ask us how we feel after counting til 1pm My eyes are bleeding

The picture was shared to the Facebook page DatWAV on Tuesday night, where it has since been shared over 57,000 times. The caption with the post read, “The strippers in Atlanta made $3,000,000 in one night at QC’s ‘Stripper Bowl’ 😱 that’s a cool $120,000 in one night for each stripper 😤🔥.” Now it would appear the amount claimed on the viral picture is fabricated for social media points.

TMZ covered the Stripper Bowl but made an update on their original story due to the $3 million claim. According to TMZ’s update, the money from the night was split between 111 strippers, leaving each girl with about $2,000 at the end of the night.

Turns out the absurd amount of money spent on strippers at “Stripper Bowl” may have been even more ridiculous than we previously thought, according to one of the strippers working that night. 5 Star Jazzi posted a photo after the fact, claiming that she and her coworkers actually made a cool $3 MILLION Monday … and split their earnings 25 ways. That’s $120k per stripper!!!
However, other strippers there insist she’s just fronting for the ‘Gram, and that between the 111 strippers working that night, they all left with $2k each.
Big difference but, either way, not a shabby payday for 1 night’s worth of work.



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