22 arrested in No DAPL lockdown in North Dakota.

22 people have been arrested after halting construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Two men locked themselves to construction equipment to stop construction of the DAPL.

  • Among those arrested were medics and journalists.

  • Livestream of the arrests were blocked from Facebook.

On Tuesday, 22 protesters were arrested during a “No DAPL” lockdown. It is reported that lockdowns occurred in two separate construction locations in North Dakota today.

Law enforcement take a more militarized approach to No DAPL protests.

Unicorn Riot reported that at one site two people had locked themselves to heavy machinery, preventing Dakota Access from doing construction.

In the past, the world watched as private mercenaries attacked opposers of the pipeline with attack dogs and pepper spray. Law enforcement reportedly had not been a big issue, aside from making trespassing arrests.

Today, law enforcement’s approach changed. Several different law enforcement agencies were present. Roughly 100 officers dressed in riot gear descending upon the lockdown. Officers were said to point assault rifles at unarmed protestors. As of now there are no reports of non-lethal force being used.

22 arrests in total following the No DAPL lockdown.

According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page, 22 arrests were made in total. Morton County responded to a call of protesters interrupting construction at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site near Glen Ullin in Morton County.

Officers said when they arrived they saw protesters standing inside the construction site, and two men had locked themselves to construction equipment.

Among those arrests were two journalists from Unicorn Riot, and at least one medic. Each of the campgrounds has multiple medics present in case anyone standing against DAPL should get injured.

Facebook says no to livestreams.

Unicorn Riot reported to ANTIMEDIA that their livestream was being censored from Facebook. While trying to share their link from livestream.com, Facebook claimed the link to be unsafe.

Last Friday, County Commission Chairman Cody Schulz commented on last Friday’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit against Dakota Access, followed by the temporary halt placed against an area of the pipeline.

“We have respected the right of individuals to protest even when protests have disrupted our community. It is now clear and obvious the fight needs to be moved from Morton County to a courtroom in Washington, D.C.”

Morton County Commission Chairman Cody Schulz Statement on No DAPL by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Between Schulz’s statement and today’s response from law enforcement, the future relationship between officers and protesters appears to be skating on thin ice.



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