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Go Fund Me For Jamal from Huddersfield Raises £150,000

A Go Fund Me campaign started by Mohammed Tahir for “Jamal from Huddersfield” has raised £147,890 Jamal is a Syrian refugee seen in a viral video being bullied by a bigger student In the video Jamal is held to the ground by his throat and waterboarded Mohammed claims the bullying has been going on for months for both Jamal and his sister ...

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Remember That Time Laura Loomer Handcuffed Herself To Twitter HQ

Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter’s New York headquarters for about two hours on Thursday Loomer was wearing a Star of David to represent what Europeans Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust Twitter refused to press charges and police told Loomer she could stay as long as she wanted Loomer eventually had police cut her free after claiming ...

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Ferguson Activist Bassem Masri Dead After Found Unresponsive

Well-known Ferguson activist and livestreamer Bassem Masri was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning Masri was found unresponsive on a bus in Bridgeton, Missouri Tuesday morning CPR was performed on Masri but he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital Masri announced that he wanted to run for state representative earlier in the year On Tuesday morning, 31-year-old Bassem Masri ...

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Pediatricians Speak Out On Trump’s Claim That Tear Gas Is “Very Safe”

The  American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement after President Donald Trump claimed tear gas is “very safe” In Biloxi on Tuesday Trump also claimed “grabbers” were using children as human shields Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen also claimed children were used as human shields on Monday The AAP said the use of tear gas against children in diapers “threatens ...

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Police Try To Recover Body Of John Allen Chau From The Sentinelese

Police are having a hard time trying to recover the body of American missionary John Allen Chau after he was killed by the Sentinelese Chau was murdered by the hostile tribe after breaking Indian law in an attempt teach the tribe Christianity Law prohibits anybody from going to North Sentinel Island in an attempt to protect the Sentinelese from the ...

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Video Shows Caravan Throwing Rocks At Border Patrol Before Tear Gas

Video on Twitter shows refugees from the caravan throwing rocks at border patrol agents just before being tear gassed Wendy Fry tweeted out a short video showing a few people throwing rocks Customs and Border Protection claim agents were injured by objects thrown San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer asked for leaders to solve the migrant crisis safely Video from Wendy ...

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