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What Happens If You Search 121G On O’Reilly Auto Parts Website

A search for 121G on the O’Reilly Auto Parts website leads you to a “Flux Capacitor” A meme shared from the Facebook page appears to have crashed O’Reilly’s website The meme has been shared over 8,500 times since it was shared on Tuesday The item is believed to have been on the site since the late 2000’s An Easter ...

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Indiana National Guard Investigating Ahmad Damra For Racial Fight

The Indian National Guard have said they are investigating a racially charged fight involving guardsman Ahmad Damra that occurred at a baseball game on Sunday Damra is seen on camera yelling “spics” and “beaners” at the baseball fans The video was recorded by Cub’s podcast host Danny Rockett Aaron Del Grosso is said to have started the brawl Damra is ...

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Ryan McMahon Goes Viral for Racist Online Rant

Alleged Google software developer Ryan McMahon faces the backlash of an online racial rant Ryan took to Facebook claiming he likes black people but also refers to them as the N word Ryan’s Facebook shows he is employed by Google as a software developer Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem angers Ryan Screenshots posted on Facebook today show a ...

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Viral Video Shows 9-Year-Old Child Being Tattooed In Ohio

A viral video posted to Facebook on Monday shows a 9-year-old child being tattoed The video received over 200,000 views within ten hours of being posted Ohio does not have an age restriction for tattoos with a parental guardians permission Performing tattoos outside of an establishment not approved by the state is prohibited A disturbing viral video on Facebook shows ...

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Sir Sumpter Arrested Following Early Morning Police Standoff

22-year-old Sir Sumpter was arrested following a standoff with police inside a residence with four children Officers responded to a call of shots fired at the Keeper of the Plains at around 10:15 pm While investigating the shooting they heard several more shots by Exploration Place Officers spotted Sumpter in the area while investigating with a gun in hand After ...

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Alexander Carballido Possible Suspect In Police Shootout by Miami Airport

Alexander Carballido is believed to be the suspect involved in a shootout with police on Thursday night near Miami International Airport A video from neighbors nearby catch the sound of rapid fire during the shootout The suspect was killed and nobody else was injured despite firing at officers A recent victim believes Carballido is the suspect involved in Thursday’s shootout ...

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