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Mother Of Dominique White Arrested While Protesting His Death In Topeka

Dominique White’s mother Theresa Wynne arrested on Tuesday in Topeka during protest Tuesday’s protest was the third in the last three weeks organized by the Poor People’s Campaign Wynne was one of 14 protesters arrested on Tuesday following a large demonstration White was shot six times in the back while running from Topeka police in September On Tuesday, Theresa Wynne ...

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9 Foot Long Crotchet Falkor Goes Viral On Facebook

A 9-foot-long crotchet Falkor went viral on Facebook leaving people wondering where to get one Shaylynn Marie posted pictures of the Luckdragon to a crochet and knitting group on Facebook The post was shared almost 60,000 tomes since it was posted Marie made the gift for her friend’s son Atreyu for his first birthday A viral post on Facebook shows ...

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Winfield Police Officer Sean Skov Fired After Viral Video

Winfield Police Department say Officer Sean Skov is no longer on the force following negative response from viral video On May 13 Rudy Samuel was stopped by Skov Samuel recorded the interaction to Facebook LIVE Skov removed Samuel from his vehicle after finding “vegetation” on his car door In Kansas, the Winfield Police Department has stated that an officer in ...

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Officer Justin Rapp Gives Conflicting Testimony In Finch Shooting

Wichita Police Officer Justin Rapp gave a conflicting testimony in court on Tuesday during Tyler Barriss’ preliminary hearing Rapp is confirmed as the officer responsible for shooting and killing Andrew Finch on December 28, 2017 In December Rapp claimed he saw a gun in Finch’s hand before making the fatal shot On Tuesday Rapp claimed he did not see a ...

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Known White Nationalist Andrew Dodson Commits Suicide

Known White Nationalist Andrew Dodson died from an apparent suicide in March of 2018 Dodson gained national attention after he was identified as one of the participants of the Charlottesville rally in August 2017 Images and video showed Dodson carrying a torch and cheering during a fight while wearing a red shirt that read Arkansas Engineering On Friday word of ...

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