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New York State Is Banning Vaping In All Indoor Public Places

In thirty days vaping will be banned in all indoor public places in New York State The new restrictions are expected to have little effect on the vaping industry in New York 70% of municipalities in New York State already ban the use of electronic cigarettes everywhere cigarettes are already banned New York was one of the first states to ...

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Oh No! Trump is Tweeting Again! #AlertTheDaycareStaff

Trump got on Twitter to badmouth a senator, and Corker’s response is amazing Trump goes on yet another bullying Twitter tirade Senator Corker called Trump out on his “untruths” Twitter giggles with glee at the political circus hashtag Twitter is a source for endless amusement. However, this morning’s political row in particular is absolutely hilarious. Trump started off his morning ...

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Union Rep Jason Baze Broke Contract To Get A Convicted Child Molester Back To Work At Spirit AeroSystems

UPDATE: In an email to TDH, Aerospace Coordinator Tony Blevins has stated that he was not at the meeting described in the second flyer. Blevins told TDH that, “The alleged statement made by Jason Baze was made during a ‘LL 839 Shop Steward meeting” that takes places after the LL regular membership meeting. I do not attend these meetings and ...

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Fayzal Mahamed Argues For The Right To Masturbate For His Disabled Son

Fayzal Mahamed believes he should be allowed to masturbate for his disabled son Mustafa Mustafa was born with profound cerebral palsy and profound intellectual disability At the age of 17 Mahamed noticed his son entering his “sexual awakening” Mahamed claims that what he is doing is medical treatment not sexual abuse There is no shortage of disturbing stories on the ...

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2-Month-Old Jacob Mathew Thomas-Grimes Murdered By Oklahoma Foster Father Austin Charles Davis

2-month-old Jacob Mathew Thomas-Grimes was pulled from life support after being shaken by his foster father Austin Charles Davis Oklahoma City Police conducted a welfare check on Jacob on October 8 after he was reportedly not breathing A doctor told police that Jacob’s injuries were too severe for him too recuperate Jacob was taken off life support on Friday Davis ...

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Ignorance in America Growing Rapidly

Stupidity in America is Championed by the Asinine Clown-in-Chief President Agent Orange panders to the hate groups As hate groups grow, America’s ignorant citizens are emboldened Intelligence must overcome the feeble-mindedness It’s alarming to see the continual lack of humanity displayed by fellow humans. And it seems to only be getting worse as our vile commander-in-chief, Agent Orange, praises hate ...

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