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WATCH: Children Rescued From School Bus Hit By Sayfullo Saipov In New York Terror Attack

WATCH: Video shows the moment it was discovered children were still inside the school bus hit by Sayfullo Saipov in Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City YouTube user Seabass Chen uploaded a video showing the aftermath of Tuesday’s attack Saipov rammed a rented truck into a school bus during the terrorist attack Video shows rescue workers discovering the children ...

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Vincent Currie Identified As Owner Of Severely Emaciated Pit Bull

Weeks after Vincent Currie claimed to find an emaciated pit bull it turns out he is the one responsible Earlier in the month, Currie claimed to find a severely emaciated pit bull named Aadya in an alley in Wichita, Kansas Police learned on Tuesday that Aadya was actually Currie’s dog Currie is charged with misdemeanor animal cruelity and making a ...

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Did Tomi Lahren Break The US Flag Code With Her Halloween Costume

Social media debates over Tomi Lahren’s “Make America Great Again” Halloween costume Lahren posted a picture of her Halloween costume on her Instagram account Many claim that Lahren’s costume is in violation of US flag code In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled flagged protection laws violated the First Amendment Fox News commentator Tori Lahren is catching backlash on social media ...

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Cheyanne Harris And Zachary Koehn Charged After Extremely Disturbing Toddler Homicide

Cheyanne Harris And Zachary Koehn Charged with first degree murder after their 4-month-old was found dead in his swing Koehn called 911 requesting an ambulance and saying his child was dead Police found 4-month-old Sterling Daniel Koehn’s body well below the 5th percentile in size and weight During the autopsy it was discovered the child had maggots growing in his clothes ...

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Hanson Robotics’ “Sophia” Becomes First Humanoid Robot With Citizenship

Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics’ humanoid robot “Sophia” was awarded citizenship in Saudi Arabia at the Future Investment Initiative Sophia was interviewed by CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the FII FII was the first time Sophia has appeared without her creator Dr David Hanson Sophia has also been to the UN for a discussion on artificial intelligence and sustainable development After an ...

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