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Jason Stockley Found Guilty Of Murder Will Be The Only Thing That Keeps The Peace In St Louis

If Jason Stockley is not found guilty protesters promise 100 days of protest Jason Stockley is charged with First-Degree Murder for the December 20, 2011 shooting of Anthony Smith Evidence strongly shows Stockley broke department policy during the confrontation with Smith The Board of the Ethical Society of Police recently came forward asking for a guilty verdict for Stockley Emotions ...

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North Korea’s 6th Nuclear Test Causes 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake

It is confirmed that North Korea has done a 6th nuclear test that caused a 6.3 artificial earthquake Sunday’s nuclear test came hours after Pyongyang released an image claiming to be a new hydrogen bomb being loaded on a intercontinental ballistic missile South Korea’s weather agency detected a 6.3 magnitude earthquake near Pyongyang’s Pyunggye-ri nuclear test site It is estimated that ...

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Did President Donald Trump Really Just Refer To Hurricane Harvey As A “Wonderful Thing”

During his second trip to Texas President Donald Trump referred to Hurricane Harvey as a “wonderful thing” Trump made the comment to reporters after helping pass out supplies to victims of Harvey The President received backlash after going to Texas and not meeting with any victims just days ago Some also claimed Trump was trying to promote hats that his ...

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What Exactly Did Former President Barack Obama Do For Hurricane Katrina Victims

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey many are asking where exactly former President Barack Obama was during Hurricane Katrina Social media posts have claimed that Obama did little to nothing for the victims of Katrina Katrina occurred in 2005 roughly three years before Obama began his presidency There are questions where President Donald Trump’s $1 million donation will be coming ...

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Guess Who’s Attacking Unsuspecting Joggers in Kansas City


Kansas City early birds, be wary of these early … owls. They’re attacking people. In the city. Leaving puncture wounds in the scalp of at least one unfortunate early morning runner — the hapless victim of a dive bomb fly-by carried out by a humungous owl — one with wings massive enough, a powerful “whoosh” was audible to the man ...

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Viral Video Shows Salt Lake City Nurse Alex Wubbels Arrested By Jeff Payne For Refusing Blood Test

Viral video shows Salt Lake City nurse Alex Wubbles arrested by Detective Jeff Payne for refusing the officer a blood test The incident occurred on July 26, after a collision during a police pursuit Payne wanted a blood test from unconscious William Grey without a warrant Wubbles tried to explain to Payne that it was against hospital protocol to allow ...

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