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St Louis Police Bloodied And Arrested An Undercover Officer During Mass Arrests

On Sunday St Louis Metro Police managed to assault and arrest one of their own undercover officers It is reported the undercover officer was hit three times before being zip-tied for refusing to show his hands A Lieutenant for the Air Force was also arrested in Sunday’s mass arrest for walking in his neighborhood SLMPD arrested multiple citizens who had ...

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St Louis Police Officer Caught On Camera Reversing Car Into Crowd

St Louis police officer caught on camera reversing his unmarked car into a crowd of protesters The video was recorded by LaShell Eik who claims the incident happened on Sunday This video follows shocking video of St Louis police pepper spraying people after having them sit on the ground The video has been viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook The ...

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White People Protest, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Rides Bikes

St. Louis Metropolitan Police take it easy tonight

Day 6 of protesting the Jason Stockley verdict in St. Louis illustrates the very real racism practiced by St. Louis Metropolitan Police. For the first night since the verdict, St. Louis Police aren’t militarized after dark Instead of shields, police officers have bikes People are incredulous at the stark change of treatment Racism in action Tonight, there has been a ...

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Lynne Hix-DiSanto Faces Heavy Backlash After Posting “All Lives Splatter Meme”

Lynne Hix-DiSanto has received a lot of backlash after posting a offensive “ALL LIVES SPLATTER” meme to her personal Facebook Hix-DiSanto has since removed the post and claims she did not realize what it meant Keller Williams Realty Black Hills announced on Tuesday that they no longer had any association with Hix-DiSanto Earlier in the month the Chelan County Sheriff’s ...

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St. Louis Mayor Cancels Town Hall While Police Harass People Online

St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson Refuses to Meet With Citizens, Allows St. Louis Police to Cyberstalk Protesters Mayor apparently fears facing direct questions that St. Louis residents are owed answers to St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has become a cyberbully, posting information online of protesters Police attempts to destroy a business with online harassment Nero fiddles while Rome burns In ...

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St. Louis Protesters Have a Serious Message For The St Louis Police

St. Louis protesters are speaking out against racial issues that have been a problem in the area for a very long time St. Louis’s ongoing racism causes problems for many of the residents St. Louis’s Metropolitan Police Department is brutal and racist There is a better way to manage this city’s legacy of violence Since the judge’s arraignment of Jason ...

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