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Purple Mattress Sues Honest Mattress Reviews Owner Ryan Monahan Over “White Powder Article”

Purple Innovations has filed a lawsuit and restraining order against Honest Mattress Reviews after questioning the company’s “White Powder” The lawsuit claims that general questions about the powder were “inflammatory” Judge Dee Benson granted the restraining order that demands HMR remove all posts about Purple Purple has been very vague when answering questions about the white powder claiming it is ...

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Sedgwick County Kansas Sentences Dying Woman To Jail Forcing Her To Miss Chemotherapy While Offering A Child Molester Probation

Sedgwick County Kansas sentenced 53-year-old Angela Kastner to jail forcing her to miss her chemotherapy while offering self-admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd probation Kastner got in an accident due to dehydration from her chemotherapy treatment Very trace amounts of prescribed Marinol was found in Kastner’s system Sedgwick County charged Kastner with a DUI and sentenced her to two days in ...

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Sedgwick County Kansas DA Marc Bennett Offers Admitted Child Molester Brandon Lloyd Probation In Disturbing Audio Recording

Sedgwick County DA has offered admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd probation and explains why in a disturbing meeting with the victim’s parents Lloyd is in Sedgwick County Jail and faces several sexual crimes against a minor Audio recording of a meeting between Bennett and the victim’s parents shows a very callous side of the DA The plea agreement would also ...

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In 2012 Kansas SRS Secretary Phyllis Gilmore blatantly lied about the number of substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online

Secretary of DCF claimed almost 13,000 substantiated findings in a letter to CJ Online in 2012 DCF records show that there were 1,916 substantiated findings in that time period Records also show that there were 30,722 unsubstantiated findings in the same time period Unsubstantiated findings do not prevent an order to remove a child from the home On April 12, ...

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