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Two More Oil Spills Discovered On The Dakota Access Pipeline That Occurred In March

Two more oil spills have been  discovered involving the Dakota Access Pipeline On March 3, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline spilled 84-gallons of oil On March 5, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline spilled 20-gallons of oil On April 4, 2017, the Dakota Access Pipeline spilled another 84-gallons of oil Earlier in the month, it was discovered that the controversial Dakota ...

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BREAKING: Explosion in Manchester Concert Hall Kills at Least 20, Injures Scores More


At least one explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killed dozens. Nature of the explosion(s) remains unclear. Witnesses described mangled victims leaving the concert hall. Emergency services have advised only those with life-threatening injuries to call. An explosion at a concert hall in Manchester in the U.K. has reportedly killed no less than 19 people who had hoped only ...

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Gay Porn Studio Under Fire In Australia After Releasing ‘Didgeridoo Me’

American gay porn studio is under fire from Australians after releasing a scene titled “Didgeridoo Me” In the scene a didgeridoo is used as a penetration device GIF’s of the scene were spread to social media causing anger The didgeridoo is one of Australia’s oldest instruments and often used in ceremonies An American gay porn studio,, is catching ...

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Vicky Cornell Claims Ativan May Have Been A Factor In Chris Cornell’s Suicide

Vicky Cornell claims Ativan may have factored into Chris Cornell’s suicide on Thursday Cornell was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor at the MGM Grand Detroit Vicky says that Cornell had taken Ativan on Wednesday night Ativan’s more serious side effects include suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self harm The world was shocked on Thursday when it was discovered that ...

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Dallas ISD Police Officers Accused Of Using A Taser On 7-Year-Old Special Needs Student Yosio Lopez

Mother of 7-year-old special needs student Yosio Lopez claims DISD officers used a Taser and a baton during an incident at school April Odis was called to Gabe P. Allen Charter School last Tuesday to pick up her son after he was disrupting class When Odis arrived her son had already been transferred to Dallas Behavioral Healthcare in DeSoto The family’s ...

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Family Asks Facebook For Help Finding Kansas Mother Correna Grisham Who Went Missing On Mother’s Day

A family in Kansas is asking Facebook for help with finding their mother who went missing on Mother’s Day 43-year-old Correna Grisham went missing at roughly 12:30 am on Sunday, May 14, 2017 Grisham was last known to be driving a black 2004 Chevrolet Z71 from Murdock, Kansas to Wichita, Kansas Anyone with any information is asked to call Kingman ...

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