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Slut shaming woman in Santa Monica is actually webcam girl ‘Anna Storelli’

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Viral video of a woman in a Santa Monica restaurant slut shaming another woman for kissing her boyfriend is actually cam girl Anna Storelli In the video Storelli goes on a six minute breakdown for a couple kissing in line Storelli has multiple videos on XHAMSTER under the name ‘Anna Marie’ According to CLAIMFAME Storelli…

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At least 72 dead including 11 children in suspected chemical bombing in Idlib Syria

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72 dead including 11 children in the town of Khan Sheikhun in the Idlib province of Syria Over 500 other were in Tuesday’s suspected chemical attack Many believe President Bashar al-Assad to be behind the attack Witnesses say the attack began in the early house of Tuesday Sukhoi jets were said to be what was…

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Iowa Rep Shannon Lundgren really implied women should have to carry miscarriages for their full term

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Shannon Lundgren stated during a Human Resources Committee hearing that women who miscarry after 20-weeks should carry the baby for the remainder of the pregnancy Lundgren is leading up a new 20-week abortion bill after the failure of the “heartbeat bill” Lundgren later claimed she misspoke and a video of her making the statement was…

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How to grow your own: What is the best way to germinate a cannabis seed

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What is the best way to ensure your cannabis seeds successfully germinate ¬†Always get your seeds from a reliable and known source The older a seed is the harder it will be to germinate On average the germinating process takes roughly 72 hours As the majority of the country moves forward with cannabis, the desire…

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Aunt launches a Go Fund Me for funeral costs for her 2-year-old nephew who shot himself in the face

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Corpus Christi Police Department arrested 22-year-old Eric Morales after 2-year-old Ryan Morales shot himself in the face with his father’s handgun Police were called about the shooting just after 11:40 am on Sunday Ryan was rushed to the hospital where he later died from his injury Eric Morales was arrested and charged Sunday afternoon after…

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Woman films her maid falling from 7th-floor window instead of offering help in Kuwait

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A video on Twitter shows an employer filming her maid fall 7 stories instead of offering her help The maid was attempting to commit suicide but changed her mind was she was dangling from the window The woman survived the fall and a second video shows her being helped off of the awning The maid’s…

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Concerns surround social media video of a high school girl having sex with a dog in La Porte, Indiana

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A video posted to social media of a high school girl having sex with a dog is raising concerns in La Porte, Indiana The video was posted on social media sites where it quickly went viral Law enforcement in the area have said it is the worst case of sex extortion they have ever seen…

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