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How the State of Kansas just tricked you into believing they passed medical cannabis

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The State of Kansas was set to vote on SB 155 which would legalize medical cannabis Senate Bill 155 would have legalized medical use of the entire cannabis plant SB 155 was amended and replaced with SB 151 which legalized the use of already CBD Local media reported that the Kansas Senate passed the medical…

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Toni Anderson’s vehicle found in the Missouri River with a body inside

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The vehicle of Toni Anderson has been found in the Missouri River with a body inside it Anderson went missing on January 15, 2017 after getting off of work Kansas City, Missouri Her vehicle was found today when a nonprofit organization was searching the river with sonar Divers confirmed it was her car from the…

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Did cyberbullying play a key role in a double suicide in Wichita, Kansas

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A second suicide in Wichita follows days of what some are calling cyberbullying Almost a week ago 21-year-old Tanner Duncan committed suicide leaving behind his 25-year-old fiancee 24-year-old Aubrey Jones Duncan had one child with Jones, who had another child from a previous relationship After facing days of social media harassment related to Duncan’s death…

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Jennifer Morgan to begin trial after St Louis police shot her 18 times in the back

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Almost two years ago Jennifer Morgan was shot a total of 18 times by St Louis police Jennifer called police after a known drug user and prostitute was inside her brother’s house refusing to leave When police arrived they shot Jennifer in the backĀ 16 times and 2 grazed her arm Police claim Jennifer pointed a…

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More questions about donations following the end of Sacred Stone Camp

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People are beginning to wonder what happened to all the money donated to Sacred Stone Camp A Go Fund Me in LaDonna Allard’s name for Sacred Stone that raised $3.1 miilion According to the State of North Dakota Allard registered Sacred Stone Camp as a corporation An overwhelming amount of support made it impossible to…

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Transgender students in Derby School District will no longer be allowed to use gender identity bathrooms

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Derby School District votes to force transgender students to use the bathroom they identify with at birth In May of 2016 the Obama administration sent a letter of guidance to every public school district stating transgender students should be able to use the bathroom they identify with The Trump administration recently withdrew the letter of…

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West Virginia Senate Bill 9 looks to ban the use of drones against pipelines

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West Virginia Senate Bill 9 will make it illegal to use drones to gather “evidence or information” against an industrial facility Drones became an important tool in distributing information to the public in Standing Rock Senate Bill 9 could open the door to prohibiting drones for gathering information for the public across the country The…

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