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March 2017

A look into the Atchison, Kansas Sallie House alleged home to “The Heartland Ghost”

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Since the early 90’s people believe the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas is haunted by a little girl named Sallie The house was originally owned by Michael C. Finney in 1867 Finney’s son Charles was a physician who practiced out of the Sallie House The stories claim Sallie died on an operation table inside the…

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Two teenagers arrested in West Virginia after after posting a picture of a hanging dog to “Jacob Ryan’s” Snapchat

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Two teenagers have been arrested after posting a picture of a hanging dog on Snapchat Jacob and Dalton Ryan are facing charges for hanging the dog The picture was posted to Jacob Ryan’s Snapchat with the caption “Hanging with my dawg” The teens are allegedly facing lenient punishment for the crime Two teenagers in West…

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USS Arizona Memorial from Pearl Harbor has been leaking oil into Hawaii water for 76-years

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The USS Arizona has been leaking oil into Hawaii water since it sank on December 7, 1941 The USS Arizona received 1.5 million gallons of oil the day before the Pearl Harbor attack 500,000 gallons were estimated to have been destroyed in the initial attack Another 500,000 were said to have been destroyed in the…

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25-year-old Akbar Salubiro found in giant python in west Sulawesi, Indonesia

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25-year-old Akbar Salubiro was found dead inside of a 22-foot python On Sunday night Salubiro reportedly left to go harvest palm oil but never returned Residents found the giant swollen python in Salubiro’s back garden Village Secretary Salubiro Junaidi claimed residents heard cries coming from the palm grove On Sunday night, 25-year-old Akbar Salubiro went…

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Three storm chasers confirmed dead after fatal accident outside Spur, Texas

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Three storm chasers were killed in a wreck while in route to a brief tornado touchdown in Spur, Texas The identities of the three chasers will not be released until the families are notified At this time the wreck does not appear to be weather related Texas had just under a dozen tornadoes on Tuesday…

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Wichita FBI investigation raises more questions than answers

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Indictments could range from illegal gambling to bribery Steven brothers’ campaign donations to Republican officials Congressional nominee’s Facebook account mysteriously deactivated Potential human trafficking charges The United States Justice Department was recently required by law to inform a number of Wichita-area residents that their telephone calls were intercepted as part of an investigation that appears to…

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Jeff Sessions Versus Legal Cannabis: What Everyone Needs to Know Now

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions has contradicted himself on cannabis policy He’s called cannabis “only slightly less awful” than heroin. A bigger industry than the dot-com era hangs in the balance. Sessions’ fondness for the drug war could again fill courts and prisons. Judging by headlines over the past months, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the…

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Oil Could Flow Through the Dakota Access Pipeline in Less Than 24 Hours

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Oil could be flowing through the Dakota Access Pipeline tomorrow. A federal appeals court denied a last-ditch injunction against the pipeline Outstanding litigation won’t stop the pipeline from becoming operational It could be a year before the Iowa Supreme Court rules on an eminent domain lawsuit North Dakota’s sweet, light crude could be flowing through…

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North Dakota Water Protectors face trumped up charges from Morton County

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Law enforcement in Morton County made over 700 arrests since last September First signs of Morton County’s inability to handle the legal proceedings for mass arrests are beginning to show Those arrested were given numbers that were written on their arm with marker Angie Spencer uploaded two pictures to her Facebook account that shows her…

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That New Information on the Shooting of Mike Brown Isn’t as Damning as You Think

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A viral article incorrectly claimed Officer Darren Wilson said Mike Brown didn’t reach for his gun. The Root failed to take into account grand jury testimony. Officers did use the n-word, but there are viable reasons. This information has been available since December. Comments made in court by Officer Darren Wilson — who fatally shot…

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