Monthly Archives: November 2016

Morton County Sheriff’s Department cant keep their own story straight

Statements over the arrest of Red Fawn Fallis appear to have discrepancies Fallis was allegedly arrested for firing a handgun at officers last Thursday Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said no gunshots fired the day after Thursday’s confrontation Fallis is charged with attempted murder and several other charges Following Red Fawn Fallis receiving serious charges during last Thursday’s raid at Standing Rock, ...

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Red Fawn Fallis charged with Attempted Murder after pulling gun in Standing Rock

Woman charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer in Standing Rock Red Fawn Fallis charged after a handgun fired two times while resisting arrest Fallis has a total of four charges Officers say Fallis was described to be an “instigator” and “acting disorderly As chaos erupted in Standing Rock last Thursday, at least 141 people were arrested on ...

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