Monthly Archives: November 2016

Mother kicks child out of house for voting for Donald Trump in school

A woman uploaded the most disgusting video yet in the days following the Presidential Election The mother in the video, known only as Tchernavia So’ Juicii Stallworth (Juicii da Boss) uploaded the disturbing video to her Facebook Since uploading the video, the mother has deleted her Facebook The video was uploaded again to the Michelle Obama For 2020 Facebook page UPDATE: The mother ...

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“Traumatized” college students treated like children after Presidential Election

College students across the country are said to be “traumatized” after the Presidential Election Students at the University of Michigan were given Play-Doh and coloring books Cornell University students held a “cry-in” Students have also made petitions asking for a day of no school Nothing screams entitlement more than college students who have the ability to disrupt daily functions because ...

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“Fuck Donald Trump” – Thousands of protesters march to Trump Tower

Protests flare up around the country following Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton A large crowd is gathering outside of Trump Tower to protest Trump’s victory California has been a hotspot for anti-Trump protests throughout the day Anti-Trump protests have been reported across the country Civil unrest is growing around the country following Donald Trump being named as the next ...

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A green light shines in the dark as four states legalize cannabis

America makes huge step in ending the prohibition of cannabis California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all decided to move forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota all decided to move forward with medicinal cannabis Arizona voters went against the decision to legalize cannabis The country is torn over the results of Tuesday’s election. In a ...

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