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November 2016

Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the area of Standing Rock

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Ace Hardware refuses to sell propane in the surrounding area of Dakota Access Pipeline Law enforcement has requested Ace Hardware to not sell any materials that could be used as an “incendiary device” Officers claim that protesters were using propane tanks as incendiary devices the night that Sophia Wilansky suffered a severe arm injury after…

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Dear white people at Standing Rock, this is not about you

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Editor’s note: This is an editorial piece that does not necessarily reflect the views of The Daily Haze or any of our affiliates.  Over the past few months in Standing Rock, I have witnessed a gathering of people turn into a force that not even its creators can control. People continue to pile in from…

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How to protect yourself from tear gas in Standing Rock

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What do you do if law enforcement uses tear gas during the December 5th eviction of Oceti Sakowin camp Army Corps announced that the property where Oceti Sakowin camp is located will be closed to the public as of December 5 Two different kinds of tear gas canisters have been found at the scenes of…

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Governor Dalrymple Orders Emergency Evacuation of Oceti Sakowin camp

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Governor Dalrymple issues Emergency Evacuation of Oceti Sakowin camp during harsh winter weather Executive Order 2016-08 was issued by Dalrymple on November 28 According to the order, it will be deemed “unlawful” to remain at the camp from this point on Dalrymple is attempting to make decision for Army Corps, something he does not have…

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Red Fawn Fallis’ attempted murder charges dropped after the announcement of a federal case

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Red Fawn Fallis faces a federal charge of possessing a firearm as a convicted felon Fallis was arrested in Standing Rock on October 27 Morton County Sheriff’s Department claim Fallis fired three shots while being arrested, a claim her loved ones deny In court Monday, Fallis’ attempted murder charges were dropped due to the federal…

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The Rover Pipeline: Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners’ new $4.2 billion project

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Energy Transfer Partners are now trying to get approval for the $4.2 billion Rover Pipeline ETP is the same company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline The Rover Pipeline’s route will span across 713-miles Rover Pipeline will be able to deliver 3.25 billion cubic feet per day of domestic natural gas Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners are…

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Did Morton County Sheriff’s Department remove their Facebook page amidst claims of human rights violations

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The Morton County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page appears to have been deleted  There is no confirmation that Anonymous has anything to do with the missing page Rumor has spread that Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier was suspended and that is why the account was deleted The Morton County Sheriff’s Department was heavily ridiculed on their Facebook page…

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BREAKING: Army Corps are evicting everyone out of Oceti Sakowin Camp on December 5

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BREAKING: Army Corps to evict Oceti Sakowin Camp on December 5 An email to Chairman Dave Archambault shows that Army Corps will be evicting the camp The email specifically states Dakota Access protestors can not be on the land Protesters will be allowed a “free speech zone” on the south side of the river In…

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Standing Rock woman Vanessa Dundon’s retina severed after law enforcement shot her in the face with a tear gas canister

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Vanessa Dundon’s retina was severed in her right eye after law enforcement shot a tear gas canister at her face A witness claims that an officer pointed Dundon out before another officer fired the canister Dundon has been at Standing Rock since September 11 and has had no arrests or injuries up to this point…

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Sophia Wilansky faces possible amputation after Sunday’s attack on water protectors

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Sophia Wilanski faces possible amputation after Sunday's attack on water protectors

The woman who sustained a serious injury to her arm in Standing Rock has been identified as Sophia Wilansky Wilansky may have to have her arm amputated after being struck by what was believed to be a concussion grenade Law enforcement in Standing Rock sprayed down water protectors with water cannons in below freezing weather…

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