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The failed “Colorado Marijuana Report” by Kansas AG Derek Schmidt.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt released the “Colorado Marijuana Report.” Schmidt collected data from district attorneys, sheriffs and chiefs of police around the State of Kansas. The Colorado Marijuana Report showed there was actually less cannabis confiscated in 2015 than there was in 2013. The survey showed that multiples counties are having problems finding jurors that will prosecute cannabis charges. ...

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51-year-old Shirlena Barnes faces jail time for a Facebook post.

Shirlena Barnes faces serious charges after making a post on her Facebook. Marion County State‚Äôs Attorney Matt Wilzbach claims that Barnes was threatening an officer and his child. Barnes only referred to the person in her post as ‘Mike.’ Barnes could face up to 25-years in jail if convicted. A 51-year-old woman in Marion County is facing absurd charges after ...

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Questions linger after double suicide at the Turtle Bay Resort.

Despite questions, shooting at Turtle Bay Resort is being investigated as a double suicide. On Friday, September 30, police in Kahuku claim to have witnessed 44-year-old Shane Francisco and 17-year-old Tiana Pascual-Dias dead from a double suicide. Francisco and Pascual-Dias had an abusive relationship stemming back to August of 2013. A witness claims that Pascual-Dias was trying to get away ...

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Greenville teacher Linda Winters-Johnson caught on camera dragging special ed student by her hair.

As of this time, Linda Winters-Johnson is not in police custody. The school along with local authorities have stated at this time an investigation is going on. The two videos uploaded to Facebook show a special education girl being dragged by her hair in the Greenville gym. Many are saying Winters-Johnson should be fired and have charges pressed against her. ...

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