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Hays police were invited to an autism training seminar two days before shooting Joey Weber.

Team Josiah 2K22 Foundation invited Hays Police Department and other first responders to a First Response Autism Training Seminar. Just 2-days prior to shooting 36-year-old special needs man Joey Weber, Hays police were invited to a seminar on autism. Team Josiah 2K22 Foundation was started to help educate communities, first responders, and parents on how to handle those with special needs. ...

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Rumors that Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home spread on the Web.

Channel 7 News reports Colin Kaepernick found dead in his home with drugs and guns. Rumors claim that a coroner was seeing leaving Kaepernick’s house. Kaepernick gained nationwide attention after refusing to stand during the National Anthem. Kaepernick is the latest to fall victim to the “Celebrity Death Hoax” trend. The Internet is great place for information, sometimes. Other times, ...

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DEA claims kratom to be an “imminent hazard to public safety.”

The DEA wants to temporarily place kratom in the Schedule I drug category. The DEA has claimed kratom to be a “imminent hazard to public safety.” 660 calls were made to the poison control center over 5-years in regards to kratom exposure. According to the CDC there were over 28,000 overdoses from prescription opioids in 2014. The DEA is attempting ...

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Hays refuses to release audio from the police shooting of Joey Weber.


Request for audio recordings from the shooting of special needs man Joey Weber. The City of Hays denied KWCH requests for audio recordings due to the shooting being an “active investigation.” 36-year-old Joseph ‘Joey’ Weber was shot and killed following a 1 mile chase. Ellis County has still not even released Weber’s name. It has been 11 days since a ...

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Did anybody notice Chicago suffered its most violent month in 20-years?

August was the most violent month Chicago has experienced since October 1996. This weekend alone Chicago had 67 shootings and 11 homicides. Despite an almost 10 million population difference, Chicago has more homicides in 2016 than New York City and Los Angeles combined. Austin, Englewood, and Garfield Park are the most violent neighborhoods in Chicago. While the nation argues over ...

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Some guy had sex with a McChicken and almost broke Twitter!

McChicken hashtag becomes top trending on Twitter. The now infamous #McChicken hashtag has caused an avalanche of spinoff videos. McDonald’s has yet to make a comment about the trending hashtag. People innocently clicked on the hashtag thinking it was for a promotion. Yesterday Twitter users did not think much when they saw that #McChicken was a top hashtag trend. There ...

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A clown is reportedly trying to lure kids into the woods in South Carolina.

Residents of Fleetwood Manor Apartments received a letter warning them of a clown trying to lure children into the woods. Multiple children have claimed to see the clown. Greenville County law enforcement have been doing daily patrols of the area. In 2014 an outbreak of “evil clowns” occurred in Bakersfield, California. The outbreak of evil clowns quickly spread across the ...

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