14-year-old Alabama rape victim’s mother granted “temporary custody.”

Judge Corey Moore places 14-year-old rape victim in mother’s temporary custody.

  • Both the 14-year-old and her baby were placed in the temporary custody of the biological mother.

  • The 14-year-old twin brother still remains in the state’s custody.

  • Questions remain of why the children were not returned to the grandparents.

In a bizarre turn of events, the 14-year-old Alabama rape victim’s mother was granted “temporary custody” yesterday. While some see this as a victory, it might not be time to celebrate just yet.

Judge Corey Moore shocks the courtroom.

Yesterday Judge Corey Moore shocked a courtroom when he announced that the 14-year-old mother and her baby were to be released from Childhaven and placed in temporary custody with the mother.

Judge Moore’s decision may be a dangerous one. The 14-year-old’s mother gave the children to her parents, Rodney and Dee Prince. That is where the children were raised due to the mother believing it would be best for the children.

The children never should have been removed from the grandparents.

Rodney, a retired police officer, and Dee, a retired teacher, were able to provide a stable and safe home for the children to be raised in. Even DHR agreed as they cleared the Prince’s home just one week before removing the children.

The biggest problem with Judge Moore’s decision is that it completely bypasses the actual problem. These children were removed from a loving home for no reason. The question was never why were they removed from the mother’s custody, it has always been why these children were wrongfully removed from the Princes?

Terminating parental rights.

Placing the 14-year-old and her baby in the mother’s care could be an attempt to set this family up for failure. For these children to be permanently placed, parental rights must be terminated. Up to this point, the biological mother has not been the primary target of DHR.

The Daily Haze spoke to the father of the 14-year-old, who was recently released from prison. The father has never been in the 14-year-old twin’s lives. DHR still subpoenaed the father to court to sever his parental rights.

Set up for failure?

In DHR’s eyes, this may be a situation where they are trying to set the family up for failure. If they can sever the rights of the mother, they would have the freedom to do with these children as they please.

Temporary custody means that DHR is going to be extremely involved with the family. They will be looking for any mistake they can find to remove the children from the mother’s home. There is also the issue of the 14-year-old’s twin brother.

The twin brother remains in state custody.

The twin brother remains in state custody. As of now, a source close to the family informed TDH that he is not even aware that his sister has been released into temporary custody. For the time being, the family is planning on not telling him out of fear of the emotional trauma the news may cause.

This is the first time in 14-years that the twins have been separated. That in itself can be very emotionally traumatizing. Once you combine that with also being removed from their home, the emotional damage DHR is reaping on these children may be irreparable.

The grandmother was not allowed to see the children.

Up to the point of being released into temporary custody, Dee was not allowed to see the 14-year-old mother and the baby. Judge Moore made the decision after irritation over the media attention that their story received.

DHR made the claim against Dee that she was emotionally hurting the young mother. They claim that when Dee would talk to her teenage granddaughter she would only talk about the case. DHR believes this is causing the teenage girl stress. It was not the act of wrongfully removing her from the home that caused the stress; it is the conversation about it. Brilliant logic.
Yesterday’s turn of events could end up being a victory, but there is no telling. The Alabama DHR, like our CPS system as a whole, is very corrupt and broken. Until all of the children are completely out of DHR’s grasp it is better to not pop the champagne.



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