What Happens If You Search 121G On O’Reilly Auto Parts Website

A search for 121G on the O’Reilly Auto Parts website leads you to a “Flux Capacitor”

  • A meme shared from the Physics-Astronomy.com Facebook page appears to have crashed O’Reilly’s website

  • The meme has been shared over 8,500 times since it was shared on Tuesday

  • The item is believed to have been on the site since the late 2000’s

An Easter egg on the O’Reilly Auto Parts website appears to have possibly crashed their entire site as social media users are searching for a product by the name of 121G.

On Tuesday, the Facebook page Physics-Astronomy.com shared a meme to their 1.3 million followers that tells people to go to the O’Reilly’s website to search for the product.


Go to the O’relly Auto Parts website (no link provided – I want you to google it)
Once at the website, enter “121G” into the part search…. you will thank me.

The viral post has been shared over 8,500 times and has over 1,100 comments currently. It looks like the viral meme may have crashed the site’s server as any page you try to go is met with a “500 Internal Server Error.”

500 Internal Server Error
Page is currently unavailable.

Our team has been notified of the error and is looking into the issue. In the meantime, try refreshing the page or visiting one of our stores nationwide.

Before the site crash, a search for 121G leads you to a “Flux Capacitor” claiming to be made be “EB Enterprises.” The part number is “121G,” representing the “1.21 Gigawatts” that ran the Flux Capacitor for the memorable time traveling DeLorean seen in the Back to the Future trilogy. At the bottom of the listing it reads “This item is not available for purchase.”

Even though the search is currently going viral, 121G is believed to have been on the site since the late 2000’s. While traces of it first being reported on dayes back to 2011, O’Reilly spokesman Mark Merz claims the item predates the 2011 discovery.

The item seems to grab viral attention every few years, but this may be the most attention it has ever received. It is unknown if searching for the 121G has ever crashed the site before. It should be noted that it is not confirmed that searching for 121G is what has the site down, but it is pretty safe to assume it is related to the recent viral attention.



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