More Than 100 Dead After 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Mexico City

More than 100 reported dead after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake tore through the Central Mexico area

  • It is reported that at least 116 are confirmed dead following the massive quake

  • The earthquakes depth was reported to be 33 miles making it a more dangerous shallow quake

  • The earthquake occurred on the anniversary of an 8.2 earthquake that killed at 9,500 in 1985

At least 116 are dead following a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City on Tuesday. Most of the deaths reportedly occurred in Puebla, Morelos, and Mexico states.

Buildings fell to the ground, and over three million have been left without electricity in Central Mexico. President Enrique Peña Nieto said 27 buildings collapsed in the capital from Tuesday’s earthquake.

Not A Drill

Just hours before the earthquake struck, locals took part in earthquake drills in commemoration events for the anniversary of an earthquake that killed thousands just over thirty years ago.

Preliminary reports showed the epicenter of the earthquake located 2.8 miles from San Juan Raboso and 34.1 miles from Puebla. The earthquake’s depth was 33 miles (51 kilometers).

Anything under a 70-kilometer depth is considered a shallow quake, which tends to be the most destructive normally.

The Aftermath

Currently, all public schools in Mexico City, Puebla, and Guerrero are closed until further notice according to Education Minister Aurelio Nuño.

As of now, the death count is being reported as 54 in Morelos state, 27 in Puebla state, 27 in Mexico City, and another eight in Mexico state.

Some hospitals in the area also suffered damage, forcing evacuations and for some patients to be transferred to other medical units.

September 19, 1985

On September 19, 1985, Mexico City was struck by an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that killed an estimated 9,500 people. Since the 1985 quake, building codes were made stricter, and precautions such as Tuesday’s drills were put into play.

Cocos Tectonic Plate

Tuesday’s quake comes just over a week after an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck in the Pacific about 54 miles south-west of Pijijiapan, forcing a tsunami warning to be issued for the area that was later lifted.

At least 90 were killed in Mexico’s last earthquake at over 200 hundred were injured. The quake was so powerful that it was felt hundreds of miles away in Mexico City.

The earthquake in the Pacific is not surprising. A massive slab of rock known as the Cocos tectonic plate is driving near the coast at a rate of 75mm a year. As the Cocos tectonic plate continues to jerk downward, these large tremors are said to be the inevitable result.

Here are some of the tweets coming out of the area.



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